“We want to inspire people. We want people to look at us and say because of Adam’s Rose they didn’t give up”

Adam’s Rose charity is dedicated to supporting those who are experiencing grief.

We know that when true grief takes its hold, there is nothing that can stop it, however knowing that you aren’t alone, have a community of supportive people around you who have been or are going through similar daily struggles and even just having a distraction from the grief that is suffocating you can be more valuable than anything in the world.

Adam’s Rose receives referrals from both local authorities including the NHS and funeral homes, and directly from someone who is bereaved or a family or friend who has referred them as they think they could do with a helping hand.

Our Story

Adam’s Rose was created by a group of family and friends who were plunged suddenly into grief. We wanted to make a difference and put some light back into the world for people when it get’s very dark. Click below to read our story and the inspiration behind Adam’s Rose…

Our Services

Adam’s Rose bereavement charity offer a range of services free of charge to support those who are grieving. This ranges from belongings bags at the point someone loses a loved one, to grief journals, monthly coffee mornings, funded Grief Counselling sessions with a trained bereavement counsellor and membership events throughout the year.


Support from our followers and fundraisers is what allows us to help so many people.  If you would like to enquire on how you can raise money on behalf of Adam’s Rose or would like to do a sponsored event representing Adam’s rose please contact us or download one of our fundraising packs and sponsorship forms by clicking the ‘Download Fundraising Pack’ button below.

For further details and news on our upcoming fundraising events and how you can support please follow us on Social Media using the links at the bottom of our website.

All donations whether big or small make a huge difference to the people we support.  If you’d like to make a donation please do so by clicking the ‘Make A Donation’ button below or contact us for donation enquiries.

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Contact Us

For all enquiries including volunteering, fundraising and events please contact: info@adamsrose.co.uk