Our Story

Adam’s Rose was created by a group of family and friends who were plunged suddenly into grief. We wanted to make a difference and put some light back into the world for people when it get’s very dark. Here’s our story and the inspiration behind Adam’s Rose…

On Friday 7th December 2018, our worlds fell apart when Adam was rushed into hospital. Something that should have been a simple trip to A&E resulted in a rare medical emergency that in the blink of an eye resulted in us losing our amazing Adam just after midnight. It was a nightmare we were never to wake up from.

That night we lost a husband, a daddy to be, a son, a brother and a dear friend to so many and everyone he met. But not only did we lose something so special to us, the world lost one of the most kind and giving people who would always put helping others in need and their happiness above his own.

The grief that struck following losing Adam was unbearable and what followed for those closest to him, and in particular his wife who was expecting their first child, was the biggest storm they would ever have to face, and one that still continues on each day.

Adams wife made him a final promise, to find the strength to bring their daughter into this world and on 27th February 2019 Adam and Victoria’s little miracle Alice-Rose was born.

The journey that is faced, and that anyone suffering from grief has to face is a long, hard, dark and testing one however what losing Adam has taught us is that it’s one that should never have to be taken alone.

Support can’t fix what is broken, or make the storm go away but it can be a hand to hold throughout and help keep heads above water when they need it most.

Adam dedicated his whole life to helping others and that is why Adam’s Rose charity is a heartfelt tribute to his legacy. To support those who are plunged into grief.

Please take the time to explore our website and learn more about the amazing work that Adam’s Rose charity offers as well as our social media accounts which provide information on upcoming events and news on the charity.

Adam’s Rose receives referrals from both local authorities including the NHS and funeral homes, and directly from someone who is bereaved or a family or friend who has referred them as they think they could do with a helping hand.